more election preparation

article in the Daily Excelsior documenting the sensitive and hyper sensitive nature of polling in Zanskar, and Ladakh as a whole. No doubt the deployment of security forces not only ensures the safety of the electorate but also aims to minimise 'creative' voting practices. In previous elections in Ladakh it has often been suggested that a relatively large percentage of the votes counted are from people that do not exist, or do not vote. It is good to see that even in Zanskar democracy is alive and well...

Indian election comes to Zanskar

Polling for the Indian election is underway and as usual Zanskar hosts a rather large number of helicopter-served remote polling stations. However, due to snow still blocking the Pensi La, and the remote possibility of a little more falling this spring, an extra 49 polling stations will benefit from helicopter transport. More detail on this story can be found

If you were thinking that Zanskaris are probably more concerned with yaks and barley than the next Indian government then think again, for a small isolated population Zanskaris punch well above their weight when it comes to politics!