More demands from Zanskar

Reported in the
Daily Excelsior a deputation led by Zanskar MLA Feroz Ahmad recently requested a raft of initiatives and assistance for 'backward' Zanskar. Amongst the demands specific to Zanskar (they were lumped together with issues concerning Sankoo Block) were upgrading the capacity of Zanskar's High School education, improving healthcare facilities, the re-commissioning of Haftal micro hydro project (which has provided erratic power at best since its completion); the construction of an airstrip at Padum, (a survey has been conducted on the Ufti Plain); a J&K Police recruitment drive and improved storage of imported goods that supply the area through the winter months.

Once again Zanskar has presented a huge list of demands. I might be wrong but I can't help think that by presenting such a list the Zanskari delegation dilutes the urgency and seriousness of some of these issues. For example, lumping the improvement of healthcare with the massively unrealistic request of an airstrip serves only to divert attention from Zanskar's needy medical facilities, which could probably be improved at a fraction of the cost of an airstrip. I am sure all of these are issues deserving attention but some are clearly more pressing than others. If the Chief Minister wasn't making notes he's probably forgotten all but the last demand.