ever thought of trekking in Kashmir?

Reported in the Greater Kashmir, the trekking options west of Zanskar are about to expand. J&K Tourism has been given the go ahead to once again market the trekking and climbing opportunities available in neighbouring Kashmir. Getting insurance for such an area (Kashmir is frequently listed as 'no go' by most Foreign Office travel advisory services) may be tricky, but it may well be worth the effort as old trekking accounts and photos illustrate the wealth of country that has in recent years been largely off limits. Just think of the possibilities for longer treks linking Spiti or Lahaul with the green alpine meadows of Kashmir - I for one will be keeping a close eye on these developments.

Jimmy makes the news!

Although not an earth shattering story, Sonam Stobgais (better known by many as Jimmy) a good friend from Zanskar, has made the Greater Kashmir online edition. The story provides just a tiny illustration that Zanskar's 8000+ inhabitants manage to generate more internal politics than most governments!

finally, the road is open.

Reported in the Greater Kashmir online the road linking Padum to Kargil has finally reopened after early snow clearing attempts were thwarted by snow fall on the 16th April. A convoy bound for Padum - loaded no doubt with fresh veg, kerosene and other consumables - has been flagged off by the Chief Executive Councillor LAHDC Kargil, Asgar Karbalayee.